Loveland, CO

Tuck Stitches Revelation (Knitting)
Instructor: Faina Goberstein
Thursday, March 28, 2019
1:30 PM-4:30 PM
Hands on Workshop
Embassy Suites Loveland
Pre-Registration Closed
Pricing Information
Price: $125.00
"Are you looking for some unusual texture? You’re guaranteed to find it in this class. Tuck stitches are part of a fancy group of slip-stitch patterns. They create a fascinating fabric that is intricate and three-dimensional. Add a little or a lot of tucks to the pattern; combine them with cables and other techniques; change the background or add another color. These stitches are not widely used, but they deserve to shine. We will learn how to do knit and purl tuck and how to read abbreviations and chart symbols for these stitches. We will work a few swatches and see how different stitch combinations create beautiful texture."

Aspen Daisy
  • Student Maximum: 26
  • Skill Level and Technique: Knitting, Intermediate
  • Prerequisite: Basic skills such as knit, purl, cast-on, bind-off. Basic cable work.
  • Homework: None
  • Supply List: 2 balls of different solid-colored DK weighed yarn and suitable needles.
  • Kit: None
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